Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Daily Sketch!

And that's all for this piece. So, a brief explanation. This character is known as Nami, she is a part of a ruthless criminal organization known as the Raijin. Part of becoming a member of this organization is undergoing a tattoo ritual. Members (who are mostly men) choose the Raijin or two dragons battling, but Nami is different. Instead she chooses a singer/slayer named Saki (Based off of the Japanese Goddess of Wealth, Freedom, and Luck Saki-yama-hime). Saki is a warrior from the locale folklore who slayed a dragon, but there is a bit of a argument as to how Saki slays the dragon. In one story people depict Saki as a fierce and beautiful warrior who battles the dragon in the sky and defeats him underneath the cherry blossoms. Before the dragon dies, Saki plays him a song allowing him to go peacefully under the full bloom of the cherry blossoms. In the second story, Saki is depicted as a beautiful and seductive musician who lures the dragon to her. As the dragon falls asleep, Saki kills him by cutting his head off with one strike from her knife. The one story is told to inspire strength and respect for one's enemy. The other is told to give caution and teaches men to never trust a beautiful woman. Now I ask you, which story do you think Nami prefers?