Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Daily Sketch!

I waited a few days to post this because I wanted to wait for the pain some of you are feeling right now subside a little bit. Whether or not you’re still hurting I felt I should say something to you here tonight. So many people view Trump as the embodiment of hate. I would agree. Others view Trump as a way to tell Politicians/elitist that enough is enough. No more games. Remember that you serve the people of the United States not the rich who endorse you. I would also agree with this. However, there are people out there, right this very second, afraid and so consumed by their hatred there are lashing out. It’s okay to accept your fear, it’s natural for you to be afraid, but don’t let it freeze you. A favorite quote of mine is “Fear is like Rocket Fuel!” and it is. Fear can make you run faster, fight harder, and focus you on what is most important. That is true fear. That is your instincts kicking in to help you weather the oncoming storm. Hate is not anger, it is a choice to fall and become what you never thought you’d be. Anger is passion, is fire, and is the embodiment of your soul given you the strength to endure the most harrowing hardships you can imagine. Allow these emotions in your heart, and focus at what is at stake. I want you all to know I love you. I will never truly hate you. I may at times be angry and short with you, maybe even disagree with you, but I will never hate you. I’ve let my hate almost destroy me and I’ve let the weight of my own self-loathing crush me so badly I thought I could never recover. My loved ones and my family I kept at a safe distance during this time, I wanted them to be safe and not drag them into this abyss of hatred I had created for myself. I had to make a choice: Hatred or Love My soul chose Love. Every day I commit to scanning and posting a picture I drew. Why? That’s my soul screaming at me to move forward. That’s the best part of me that my loved ones see. And that’s the side I choose to share with you every night. For the people out there afraid and feeling the hatred swell in there heart I want you to know something: I don’t care who you love, I don’t care about the color of your skin, I don’t care about the God you do or don’t pray to, the political party you choose, or the culture you are. You are human, beautiful and inspiring, and we are one here on this Earth. There are those out there who may hate you for these reasons, but not me. I choose to love you for the amazing human beings that you are and will come to side when you ask me to help you face the pain, I will run with you when you are afraid, and I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you when you in the presences of those who would seek to destroy you. Love shines in the blackest night. Know that however dark you may think this world maybe, there is one flame out there burning red with love and passion. That’s for you. To all those creative individuals I call on all of you, this is our time. This is our generation’s moment where the most creative and passionate of use can thrive. We wield the paintbrush, pencil, pen, clay, and the digital matrix that can literally shape this world for the better. What we produce isn’t art. It isn’t a picture or symbol of hope. It’s inspiration. The thing more powerful than hate or greed. The very thing that will push you forward. We have only one direction from here and that is forward. There is no up or down, there is only the one true direction and that is forward. So, to everyone that read this, please, continue forward as the brilliant people I know you are.