Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lance and Macko

Macko the Dragon
Lance O. Storm

Character Turnarounds: Work in Progress

This is the Crimson, he's an outside that lives in the forest. He's shunned out of the village due to his appearance. I still have to add some emotions off to the side, but all in all it's what I'm aiming for so far.
Annabelle is this sweet and innocent young woman, who recently lost her mother due to the harsh winter. I had orginally wanted her to go into the forest in search of the rose, but I find it more compelling if she happeans onto it. Anyway, the color design works, as does the design... for me at least. Most people have siad it looks a little like a typical Disney princess...honestly, I take that as a compliment rather than a complaint. She looks beautiful to me, I enjoy animating her becuase of her design and the type opf character she is.

These are my secondary you might notice there blackened out. I didn't want to get too caught up with their design, not becuase I wanted to be lazy, actually it's quiet the opposite. I didn't want the audience to be distracted by more characters becuase the main focus was the Crimson and Annabelle.
*Note: it was soo much hard to do this than it was to make Annabelle or the Crimson because of the lack of details that my work usually has. With these characters it was more about the foundations, structure, and the posing than anything else.