Friday, January 30, 2015

Daily Sketches for 2013!

The "Daily Sketch" is a commitment I made for myself to draw every day...this is all and good, but doesn't mean much if you can't keep yourself honest. So, what I decided I would do late in 2012 is to post a sketch on my Facebook account every single day. Ambitious, I know, but I do appreciate art and animation. That being said I've been doing this to become a better artist and a person by exposing my weaknesses and fears and improving my style along the way with the help of my Facebook Friends(most of which are artists who are making a name for themselves). I'm not one for narcissism, this is to draw attention to myself, I welcome any comments. I want to use Social Media to show my passion and evolve. Oh, and before I finish, to anyone who enjoys cutting people down or spitting on another persons ideas, understand this, I believe you have every right to voice your opinion no matter what, you're not going to stop me from doing what I love. Enjoy!